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Your Options - KS3 Career and Learning Choices

As the government plans to raise the participation age, for students to make the right choices is more important than before.

“I think this performance/workshop was really useful and it is relevant to what is going on at school. However Solomon Theatre Company took it from a different angle that I really understood and took more notice of than just a teacher telling you what you have to do. I liked how it was in a play form as it was different.”

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Developed in partnership with Wiltshire Council, your Options explains the three learning styles (kinesthetic, visual & auditory) and the learning pathways that suit each type. The show also highlights the barriers to learning as well as the influences that young people are affected by when making their choices.

We follow the three students, each with different learning styles, backgrounds and aspirations hoping to make a success of their lives. Packed with humour, Your Options makes an impact on its target audience, year 8 students and signposts them for their next step along their learning road.

 Supporting Lesson Plan.

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94% of students in 2012 are more aware of the options open to them and 98% will give more thought to their options.

73% of schools in 2012 rated the performance as “excellent” at explaining the importance of thinking about options.

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