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The medium of live theatre has the potential to be a powerful and memorable experience for an audience that is increasingly interacting in the virtual world.

We engage our young audiences with believable characters which is why at Solomon we search out and recruit the best, professionally trained, graduate actors, all with young playing ages from the top acting schools and colleges.

Key to the learning experience is the workshop that follows the performance. Carefully selected casts are rehearsed into the shows and also spend time learning about the issues behind the piece. In workshops professional actors handle questions from the audience and remaining in character lead the discussion to cover the learning outcomes.

Evaluating our performances and workshops is something we do for every visit. Evaluation results help us to continually improve, aid schools in planning curriculum content, can be used to evidence an OFSTED grading and to feedback to Senior Management Teams or funders in the council & police.

Additional material to enhance or further the learning, we publish on-line. From video stories to allow students to revisit the performance themes at a later date to images and copy for publishing.


We've 10 years experience of tailoring shows to meet clients needs, contact us to talk through your ideas.


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