Healthy Relationships (Domestic & online)

for Healthy Relationships (Gangs), Grooming & Sexual Exploitation, Extremism & Violence view 'Skin Deep',

for Healthy Relationships (Domestic & Online), Abuse, Violence & Cyber safety view 'The Power of Love'


Healthy Relationships, domestic abuse & social media, Year 10 students, performance and workshop 55 minutes each


'The Power of Love' by Solomon Theatre Company ©2007


Lucy is a regular girl who’s attracted the attention of the biggest catch in the school. Her new boyfriend is fit, gorgeous and she’s the envy of all the girls… but he’s also becoming increasingly controlling. Jealous of her other friends, he begins to intimidate her psychologically and then violently. The choice is hers, will she stay? This gritty, memorable story explores the changing nature of relationships with family and friends, and the destructive role that abusive behaviour can play.


Students explore the different dynamics of relationships from the types and balances of power (strength), to the different degrees of trust, as well as what makes things go right/wrong. Following the PSHE guide for KS4, we explore how to handle the portfolio of relationships we have and understand the ways in which abuse can occur and where to go for support.


The influence of new media forms (text, email and social networking) is integral to the workshop and reviewed annually. The delivery in schools is often supplemented by additional workshops provided by other agencies (Police Force Violence Reduction units and/or Council Community Safety Domestic Violence teams). The Power of Love encourages self-esteem, builds on existing Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and develops the emotional maturity students may need if they are ever faced with offensive or bullying behaviour.

'The Power of Love 2014'

A brief clip from the 2014 tour where we see Lucy confront Steve.

Zac (played here by Aston Merrygold) sings during The Power of Love at St. Edmund's Girls School, Salisbury in 2007.



Tours in: Spring Term


Technical: Cast 4 (2 Male, 2 Female), parking for one van, get in 40 minutes, get out 15 minutes,

Stage Size 5m X 5m X 3m, one 13A socket.


Schedule: We recommend a theatre performance to an entire year group (from 30 up to 500 pupils) followed by successive workshops to smaller groups (from 30 up to 250 pupils).


Performance run 55 minutes / Workshop run 55 minutes (flexible).

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