Healthy Relationships (Gangs & Grooming)

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Gangs, grooming & sexual exploitation, extremism & violence,

Year 10 students, performance & workshop 55 minutes each


'Skin Deep' by Mark Hyde and Angela Gilder ©2010


Skin Deep tells the powerful and moving story of two teenage girls who are attracted to boys from rival gangs. As events unfold, their relationships become increasingly threatened by hatred and intimidation. Betrayal, fear and fatal misunderstanding lead to a dramatic explosion of violence that will change their lives forever.


Based on true events, the play is hard-hitting and immediately connects with its target audience through compelling dialogue and rap music. Following the performance, specially designed workshops explore a variety of KS4 PSHE themes for year 10 around healthy relationships. These can be tailored to local priorities and include the role of myths in creating a culture of fear, the reasons for the existence of gangs and extremist behaviour, grooming and sexual exploitation, the consequences of carrying knives and the nature of intolerance and prejudice. Skin Deep is used as part of the National Police Prevent Agenda enabling young people to explore extremism and prejudice, to challenge thinking and develop understanding. It is often co-presented with Police Officers and Trading Standards enforcement staff to explain gang culture (why they form and the consequences) as well as exploring issues surrounding violence (including knife crime and the law).


'Skin Deep'

promotion video produced by Crimestoppers / Fearless

Chris Preddie OBE performs 'Skin Deep's - Percentage of life' at Slough Pupil Referral Unit



Usually tours in: Spring Term


Technical: Cast 4 (2 Male, 2 Female), parking for one van, get in 40 minutes, get out 15 minutes,

Stage Size 5m X 5m X 3m, one 13A socket.


Schedule: We recommend a theatre performance to an entire year group (from 30 up to 500 pupils) followed by successive workshops to smaller groups (from 30 up to 250 pupils).


Performance run 55 minutes / Workshop run 55 minutes (flexible).

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