Drugs Education

Illegal drugs & legal highs, Year 8 students, performance and workshop 55 minutes each


'Gemma's Wardrobe' by Steve Evans and Forest Paget ©2002


Multiple characters played by three actors tell the fast moving story of 14 year old Gemma who is doing well at school. She’s got the lead in the school play and is expected to do well in fast approaching tests; however, there is a cloud on the horizon. Pressure. Gemma may have taken on too much, or maybe she’s set herself expectations that are too high - whatever it is, can she cope? ‘Too cool for school’ Gary has the answer and it’s one that Gemma would never have expected herself to be tempted by.


The performance and workshops target KS3 students before they are faced with the issue of drugs, empowering them to overcome peer pressure and make their own choices. Perfectly pitched and based on a true story, students easily empathise with the key characters. In a very practical way, they develop selfconfidence, awareness and decision making skills, giving them the very best opportunity to make their own positive lifestyle choices.


Covering health issues (alcohol, tobacco or cannabis use) as well as the legal facts (use and supply of illegal substances - class A, B or C drugs, and purchase of legal products - tobacco, alcohol, knives and lighters) means that Gemma’s Wardrobe is complemented by presentations from Police and Community Safety Teams.


'Gemma's Wardrobe'

why kids take drugs

Dorset Police take a look into

'Gemma's Wardrobe'



Tours in: Summer Term


Technical: Cast 3 (2 Male, 1 Female), parking for one van, get in 40 minutes, get out 15 minutes,

Stage Size 5m X 5m X 3m, one 13A socket.


Schedule: We recommend a theatre performance to an entire year group (from 30 up to 500 pupils) followed by successive workshops to smaller groups (from 30 up to 250 pupils).


Performance run 55 minutes / Workshop run 55 minutes (flexible).

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