Subject Choices


Subject choices, career pathways & learning styles, performance and workshop 55 minutes each


'Your Choices' by Solomon Theatre Company ©2010


Lucy, Zac and Steve each have differing interests and learning styles. They face unique barriers to following their own careers and individual learning path. Follow them on a creative, zany and intrigueing journey as they find the confidence and self belief that enables them to chart their own learning course through the sea of subject choices and career options.


Developed in partnership with Wiltshire Council, 'Your Choices' explains the three learning styles (kinesthetic, visual & auditory) and the learning pathways that suit each type. The show also highlights the barriers to learning as well as the influences that young people are affected by when making their choices.


We follow the three students, each with different backgrounds and aspirations as well as their different learning styles hoping to make a success of their lives. Packed with humour, 'Your Choices' makes an impact on its target audience, year 8 students and signposts them for their next step along their learning road.


While students are making their options known, 'Your Choices' presented with the schools career advisor contributing in the discussion makes for a informative, powerful and memorable event. (KS3,4&5 lesson resource pack WCEP2015.pdf)



Technical: Cast 3 (2 Male, 1 Female), parking for one van, get in 20 minutes, get out 10 minutes,

Stage Size 5m X 5m X 3m, one 13A socket.

Schedule: We recommend a theatre performance to an entire year group (from 30 up to 500 pupils).


Performance run time is 55 minutes.

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free to dowload for your i-device guides you through subject choices and career pathways.

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