Safeguarding Children


'Fuss about nothing' by Solomon Theatre Company ©2010


Enliven your safeguarding conference with a high impact and moving, interactive theatrical experience. This program will help promote and strengthen information sharing and the safeguarding of children.



A life performance to introduce a troubled family, real life case notes specific to your profession, the opportunity to interview family members and can you decide who is most at risk and why? Probably not, unless you share information with the other agencies present.



Introducing the Fuss About Nothing Event, which will help by giving delegates the information they need to make an informed decision, help professionals to understand the parameters in which information can be shared and give them the opportunity to put information sharing to the test in a safe learning environment.



This event has been prepared in partnership with many agencies that work with vulnerable people and have experience of reviewing cases following incidents. Delegates will be part of the day working with colleagues and experiencing a case which will be played by actors in character throughout the day.





From Dorset, to Tayside and inbetween....


'Fuss About Nothing' reduces the risk to vulnerable members of our community by raising the level of awareness on the importance of multi agency information sharing, identifying gaps and roadblocks to delivering a fully integrated and compliant exchange of information and deliver practical assistance in the daily application of information sharing through confidence building, networking, support, policies, protocols and procedures .


'Fuss about nothing' was presented with the Divisional Award for Excellence - Tayside Police



What people are saying about Fuss About Nothing.



“This is one of the best – if not the best – study day / conferences I have ever attended…please bring on more of the same.” Community Health Services


“The ‘Live’ case scenario made it much more real than other conferences – (excellent organisation of the day!) – led to some excellent and challenging discussion in the group.”

Chair, Local Safeguarding Children Board.


“Having the actors and the role play scenarios gave an element of realism”

County Social Care Services




Tours: All year round


Technical: Cast 4 (2 Male, 2 Female), parking for one van, get in 20 minutes, get out 5 minutes,

Stage Size 5m X 5m X 3m, one radio microphone.


Schedule: We recommend a 2-hour window in cabaret style seating or 1/2 day with breakout rooms.





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