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"Skin Deep" KS4 Extremism & Terrorism (Knife Crime) education; RESOURCES SD 

"Last Orders" KS3 Alcohol Education;  RESOURCES LO

"Trickster" & "Scambuster" musicals; RESOURCES TX

"Gemma's Wardrobe" KS3 drugs education;

Preview video, Supporting Video Resources and Lesson plans.

"Einstein's Pants" KS3 Eco-school education;

Post performance follow on resources
Preview video, Workshop plan and cards
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust report
Use Einstein's Pants to support your Eco-schools award
Use Einstein's Pants with your KS3 PSHEE goals

"Scrooges Books" KS3/4 finance education;

Supporting Video Resources

"Power of Love" Key Stage 4 healthy relationships;

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For excellent resources from Safer Bristol & DVR Responses see the Spiralling Toolkit.


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