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"Gemma's Wardrobe" - KS3 Drugs Education

“This is absolutely excellent, a very important production” Inspector David Ayres, Dorset Police.

Whether it’s anti-social behaviour, the impact of cannabis & alcohol, legality, peer pressure, healthy living or making positive choices, “Gemma’s Wardrobe” addresses all the issues associated with drug abuse. 

The performance and workshops target KS3 students just before they face drugs.  It empowers them to overcome peer pressure and make the choice their own. Perfectly pitched and based on a true story, students empathise with the characters played by actors of a similar age.  

In a very practical way, they develop self confidence, awareness and decision making skills to give them the very best opportunity to make their own positive lifestyle choices. 

At the end of the story, there is the opportunity to enter scenes from the play in order to positively affect the outcome.  The overall goal is to improve individual students’ health and make communities safer places. 

“A captivating performance, a must for all year 8/9’s” Vickie Warren, Drugs Education Advisor, Dorset


First toured in 2003 in partnership with East Dorset District Council, written by S Eaton-Evans & F Paget.

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