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"Trickster" - Distraction Burglary Education

“You touched the hearts of 800 people … we were also able to attract a significant amount of media coverage” - Northamptonshire Police

Whether it’s rogue tarmac salesmen, fake reps from the water-board or callers from the local council, bogus callers come in many guises.  

Our educational musical “Trickster” successfully combats these criminals by raising awareness, reducing fear and empowering elderly community members. 

Based on a true story, a cast of three professional actors present this musical and energetic live story-telling event. George is an elderly gentleman who has become the victim of a distraction burglar. Once a proud soldier, we follow George as he battles with being conned and beats the bogus callers. 

The 45-minute performance is ideally supported by a multi-agency approach, linking Trading Standards, the Police, Community Safety and Age Concern groups.

TV, radio and other media welcome the press packs, and help take the message to the wider community. 

"Within 4 hours of the morning performance, there had been 30 calls to the Police reporting incidents and this led to 10 investigations taking place." Communications Manager, Dorset Police



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