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"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Gemma's Wardrobe. You really do have a wonderful company to work for. I had no idea how much I would enjoy TiE but I found it very rewarding and a great foundation for my career"

 - Tom Ripley, (Gary in Gemma's Wardrobe).

At Solomon we offer:
• award winning, proven scripts and well designed sets.
• rehearsal time at full pay.
• good rates of pay, wired direct to your account every Friday.
• a great, fun & professional team spirit.
• the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience.
• all your accommodation provided for the tour - including weekends.

Solomon Plays are hard hitting, character led, tour secondary schools and are designed to explore specific issues. Below are character descriptions for the main tours as well as the theme and dates when they tour – note we cast the shows the term before they tour. If you think you would like to be considered for a tour, please send a cv with a current photo (

View Solomon at Casting Call Proyou might see someone you know (or have studied with) who has worked for us.

“Last Orders” by Mark Hyde. (alcohol, autumn & spring term)

Cassie; 15 years old, lives with mother, high spirited and adventurous a risk taker happy to lead others.

Kim; 15 years old, slim build – sporty, easily led, and academic. Energetic.

Dan; 17 years old, bad boy – not academic, immature for his age, lives with father, manipulative and spend time with 15 year old girls.

Doctor; 35 – 40 years old medic, authoritative. Needs to lead the workshops so facilitation skills required.

“Skin Deep” by Mark Hyde and Angela Gilder (racism & gangs, spring term)

Jaz; 16/17 years old, attractive, amiable, air of innocence, falls in love with a guy from a different area, race and or religion.

CJ; 16/17 years old, needs to be from an ethnic minority or religious minority e.g. non Caucasian and possibly Muslim / Sikh. (Open to interpretation so might be Polish for example). A rapper he falls for Jaz and combats race/religious tension between their families/friends.

Denny; 16/17 years old, friend to Jaz, hard, embittered, from a troubled family background, selfish. Needs to lead the workshops so facilitation skills required.

Faulkner; 17/18 years old, gang leader, imposing, threatening & violent, a racist and xenophobic.

"Power of Love” by Solomon Theatre Company (relationships, spring term)

Mum; 35 years old approx, a young mum with 15 year old daughter, downtrodden and abused. Needs to lead the workshops so facilitation skills required.

Zac; 15/16 years old, talented (sings, plays, dances or a comic), friendly boy next door, plutonic (healthy) relationship with Lucy.

Lucy; 15/16 years old, daughter to mum above, innocent and attractive.

Steve; manipulative, attractive physically, sporty, dominant a psychological abuser – confident externally but internally…?

“Gemma’s Wardrobe” by Steve Evans (drugs, summer term)

Gemma; 15 years old, mildly academic, sporty a good all-rounder, gets led astray, lives alone with Dad and Brother – mothers them all.

Gary/teacher/reporter/Man in Black; versatile actor! 16 years old drug dealer (gary)

Dad/ teacher/reporter/Man in Black; versatile actor! 15-40 years old (dad) versatile actor! Needs to lead the workshops so facilitation skills required.

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