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"The Power of Love" - KS3/KS4 Healthy Relationships Education

“The impact upon the students was colossal and we are all impressed by the reality they achieved, provoking conversation and I am sure improving the safety of those who watched” - Sherborne Learning Centre

Bullying, exploitation, domestic violence, intimidation, respect & trust – these are all areas tackled by our KS3 and KS4 theatre performance, ‘The Power of Love’.

Lucy is a regular girl who’s attracted the attention of the biggest catch in the school.  Her new boyfriend is fit, gorgeous and she’s the envy of all the girls… but he’s also becoming increasingly controlling.  Jealous of her other friends, he begins to intimidate her psychologically and then violently.   The choice is hers – will she stay with him and risk becoming like her mum, who’s also the victim of abuse, or will she find the strength to recognise that she’s too good to be treated like this?

This gritty, memorable story explores the changing nature of, and pressure on, relationships with family and friends, and the destructive role that violence, bullying and abusive behaviour can play in this.

After the 60-minute performance, a 60-minute workshop enables students to enter the play and change the outcome of the story, examining the nature of respect and the way they should expect to be treated in healthy relationships. 

The aim is to encourage self-esteem, build on existing SRE and develop the emotional maturity that students may need if they are ever faced with offensive or bullying behaviour. 

“Thank you, you delivered an outstanding morning.  It was commented on as "outstanding, brilliant" both by students and staff.  I constantly refer to the performance in PSHE” Pewsey Vale School



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