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"Last Orders" - KS3 Alcohol Education

“We experienced a 7.8% reduction in alcohol related crime in the 3 months following the pilot” - Dorset Police

Underage drinking and alcohol use are common factors that link anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancy, STIs and illegal purchase of age restricted products. Consequently, our theatre show, "Last Orders" can be tailored to explore each of these themes in more detail.

Developed by a team of Doctors, Police, NSPCC professionals and teachers, the performance looks at the consequences of binge drinking by two young girls. Based on true events, it is written in an accessible, hard-hitting style that immediately captures the attention and imagination of its year 9 (13/14 year-olds) target audience.

Through professional actors, students are shown how alcohol affects the way people think – their inhibitions, attitude to risk and ultimately their self-control.

Following the performance, specially designed workshops explore the themes of anti-social behaviour, illegal purchase (including law on alcohol & age-restricted products), attitude to risk and sexual health (including unplanned pregnancy and STIs).

Primarily aimed at Year 9 students, this tour is very flexible and has been incorporated in a series of roadshows working with the Police, Primary Care Trusts and Trading Standards.  The performance and workshops run for approximately 60 minutes each, and can accommodate audiences of up to 250 students. For larger schools we recommend more than one performance and workshop.

“The students responded because the drama and workshops were excellent” - Okehampton College, Devon


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