Key Stage 3 The importance of economic wellbeing and financial capability


“Einstein’s Pants” is a 60-minute theatre show and 60-minute workshop that explores the issues around global warming, climate change and the role of business and politics.


Starting at the museum in Chundersfield, Yorkshire, where Albert Einstein’s pants are the main exhibit, we explore the world of business, politics and education and challenge audiences to check their behaviour and spending in light of our part in the global village.


Scientists tell us that for each 1°C of warming the temperature zones will shift by about 100 miles northward. The changes in the lifetimes of our children will be even greater and more significant than in ours. Against this catastrophic background, one man plans to capitalise through a series of new business ventures and a political career. We explore the issues of enterprise and entrepreneurship at a time of huge change through drama – and show that every (acid rain) cloud has a silver lining!



The National Curriculum Guide.


Programme of study for key stage 3

The importance of economic wellbeing and financial capability


Solomon Theatre Company’s

“Einstein’s Pants”.


1. Key concepts


1.1 Career

Understanding the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability.


1.2 Capability

Exploring what it means to be enterprising.

Becoming critical consumers of goods and services.


1.3 Risk


1.4 Economic understanding

Understanding the economic and business environment.





The group exercises in the workshops identify and develop students’ creativity, ability to improvise, confidence, initiative and self-confidence.


The “Hot Seating” in the workshop develops students’ ideas, they articulate their opinions and make their own consumer choices.


Illustrations from the business world (private and voluntary sectors) are presented in the performance. Students are engaged by the story and learn about the taking of risk and the reaping of reward.


2. Key processes


2.1 Self-development


develop and maintain their self-esteem and envisage a positive future for themselves in work


2.2 Exploration


2.3 Enterprise


use approaches to working with others, problem-solving and action planning


understand and apply skills and qualities for enterprise


demonstrate and apply understanding of economic ideas.


2.4 Financial capability


identify how finance will play an important part in their lives and in achieving their aspirations.






The drama workshops develop communication skills, team working and the exercises are designed to highlight the roles we take when in groups and apply them to task and problem solving.




Good communications and healthy relationships are best learnt through structured Drama and Role play.


Our workshops explore leadership - what makes good leaders and why we follow some people and not others.


The workshops conclude with students presenting their business ideas and arguing their case for success.




The characters in the story each show a different lifestyle choices and financial consequence, not just individually but also corporately and globally.


3. Range and content


Personal budgeting, money management and the range of financial products and services


Risk and reward, and how money can make money through savings, investment and trade


How businesses use finance


Social and moral dilemmas about the use of money.




** optional resources are available.



** optional resources are available.



** optional, additional resources are available.


The consequence for our spending pattern is made clearly in relation to the global green agenda. When we spend we endorse products and companies


4. Curriculum opportunities.


Use case studies, simulations, scenarios, role play and drama to explore work and enterprise issues


Recognise, develop and apply their skills for enterprise and employability



Have direct and indirect contact with people from business, to engage with ideas, challenges and applications from the business world and to discuss contemporary issues in work.


Explore sources of information and ideas about work and enterprise.





That’s precisely what we do!



In the group working we discuss roles and help students identify their individual skills for group working (Belbin’s Team Roles).


** Businesses use “Einstein’s Pants” and we can explain how to engage with your local business community.