Einstein’s Pants is a 60-minute theatre show presenting the story of a local business man determined to make money out of the climate change. Fortunately his son, motivated by seeing Einstein’s underpants at the local museum, challenges him when he stands for election as mayor…. The workshops develop the themes of the show and challenge students to behave in Eco-friendly ways and to become advocates for Eco-living.


Einstein’s Pants has toured for 5-years to secondary schools in England and was written by a scientist and drama teacher.


What the Eco-Schools guide says.

How the “Einstein’s Pants” theatre performance and Eco-Workshop can help.


The action team?  

The Action Team is the driving force behind the Eco-Schools work. The Team must include pupils and staff and preferably other stakeholders parents, Governors ….


The workshops identify the pupils (and staff) that are motivated, capable communicators and interested in the Eco-agenda.


We have frequently (without planning any invitations) performed to parents, local councilors and governors on the day.


In a large secondary school, trying to involve and inform the whole school can be very difficult and therefore the Eco-Schools programme is designed to be flexible. Possible channels of communication include the school newsletter, website or assembly presentations.

We can cover one or two year groups in a day -up to 600 pupils and staff with a high impact theatre show and workshop!


Schools have published web sites, press articles and made display boards as a result. We often supply images and copy to help students do this, some students do it themselves e.g. Ridgeway were in the paper as well as on the web.

Ridgeway School (KS3 alcohol) example.


Carrying out an environmental review

The Environmental Review should be designed and carried out by the pupils themselves. It should cover: litter; waste minimisation and recycling; energy; school grounds/biodiversity; water use; pupil activities; healthy living; transport; global perspective.


The workshop focuses on the practical steps the students can be doing. Following our input they list the opportunities they see and this could be the starting point or development for the Environmental Review.

Develop an action plan

Look at the results of your Environmental Review. Pick out which of the nine themes you want to tackle, decide what your measure of success will be,  e.g. litter, energy, water, etc. set timescales for each action and assign people to be responsible.



We introduce your goals and status into the workshop to encourage and stimulate the students and the students that are leaders / influencers.

Involving the whole school and wider community

One of the best ways of involving the whole school is to hold a regular Day of Action. A Day of Action is an opportunity for everyone in the school – pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff – to get together to work towards achieving some of the targets set out in your Action Plan.

We have experience of structuring workshops covering numerous subjects, working with other agencies as part of a themed day for a school or a year group. The excitement and buzz of a live theatre show just finishes the “Day of Action Plan” plan off perfectly


Involving parents, neighbours, local businesses and the local authority.


Letters to local businesses to find potential waste operators


Letters to parents identifying skills the school is looking to secure


We’ve performed “Einstein’s Pants” to local businesses and to the Banking Sector. Following a day in a school, we’ve also performed in the evening to guest parents.


We would advise on how to approach businesses for sponsorship, to attend evening celebrations, to support in the delivery of workshops.



Linking to the curriculum

Schools that incorporate Eco-Schools into their curriculum are increasingly being commended by Ofsted for their pupil engagement and citizenship.


Citizenship and PSHE




Drama, English & modern languages


Design & technology



The main character is an entrepreneur and we look at business, finance and leadership. The role of citizens and especially self-belief and advocacy


The show covers the Carbon cycle, role of trees and has been script checked by science teachers for accuracy and value


Students observe as part of their course-work on TiE and Drama. We supply scripts for drama students to understand the performance and the purpose behind the Theatre and Workshops. Students value meeting real actors and asking about their careers.


Puppetry, set design and construction, music & sound effect creation… we’ve even made presentations to students over lunch breaks to discuss D&T.